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PRICE: Trial Offer, $19.99

Product Information:

  • Use and endorse by Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill
  • Fun, convenient, and stress free way to exercise
  • Burn up to 500 calories per hour
  • Get into shape even if you have a busy schedule
  • Easy to turn dial with 8 different levels of resistance
  • Compact and portable design – use indoors or outdoors
  • Sleek design and stylish colors that complement any environment
  • Available in Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Orange and White
  • 30-day trial offer*

Customer Service:

  • 1-855-663-5643, M-F 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM EST

Item Description

The SitNCycle exercise bike is a fun, convenient and low stress way to exercise and burn up to 500 calories per hour. Now you can burn fat and get into shape even if you have a busy schedule.

This is because the SitNCycle was specially designed for fitness multitasking. You can use exercise at the same time while watching TV, talking on the phone, reading a book, or using a tablet.

SitNCycle provides a low impact exercise that is effective. The unique hands-free design makes you engage your core to balance yourself as you pedal. This helps strength your body while you are burning hat.

There’s an easy to turn adjustment dial, which you let’s you choose from eight levels of resistance. So people in your household at different fitness levels can use all the SitNCycle.

SitNCycle features a sleek design that is compact and portable. The adjustable large soft seat holds you comfortably and securely in place. The large flat pedals containing special grips which holds your feet  securely in place. You can use it indoors in any room or outdoors.

SitNCycle is available in 6 different stylish colors. You can choose from Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Orange or White. With this current special offer you can try the SitNCycle for 3o days first in your home risk-free just by paying $19.99 with free shipping.

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