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Product Information:

  • Break through to a new fitness level
  • Lose inches, develop rock hard abs, and blast fat away for good
  • Extreme calorie burner for major weight loss
  • Engages muscles quickly to take your body to peak performance
  • Virtually frictionless surface with low impact exercises
  • Works on any flat surface including tile, hardwood, and carpet
  • Obsidian board made from HDP and virtually indestructible
  • Includes Obsidian Board, 2 Obsidian Booties, 2 Custom Mitts, and 3 Workout DVDs
  • 30-day trial offer*

Customer Service:

  • 1-800-619-1090, M-F 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST

Item Description

Now you can literally slide yourself into shape with the Obsidian Fitness Workout System. It is a home version of the popular and highly effective Obsidian board workouts taught at professional gyms.

This revolutionary new fitness breakthrough helps you burn fat while toning your glutes, inner thigh, and abs. The exercises incorporates a combination of cardio, resistance training, speed and agility exercises, and balance and core exercises.

The side to side movement of the workouts in Obsidian Fitness engages muscles your muscles quickly and delivers fast results. It boosts your metabolism so your body will continue to burn fat long after the workouts are over so you can get the body you’ve dreamed of quicker than ever.

Plus the exercises are low impact and does not cause the strain on the body and joints with exercises like running. Anyone from begging to advanced fitness levels can perform the moves in Obsidian Fitness and benefit from them.

The Obsidian fitness board creates a virtually frictionless surface for exercises which tones and strengthens both key and accessory muscle groups. You can lose weight, build better posture, and improve core strength.

You can place the Obsidian board on any flat surface whether it is tile, hardwood, or carpet and it will grip on and provide a stable exercise base. Also it won’t wear out your floor surface while you work out.

The Obsidian slide board is also nearly indestructible since it is made with HDP, the same material that provides the landing surface on the Olympic long jump venue in Park City, Utah. So it will last you a lifetime.

With this current trial offer you can try the Obsidian Fitness Workout for 30 days first risk-free by paying $14.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling. After the 30 day period if you decided you want to keep it, then it is 4 monthly payments of $39.95.

The Obsidian Fitness Workout System includes:

  • Obsidian Board
  • 2 custom Obsidian Booties
  • 2 custom Obsidian Mitts
  • Beginner DVD
  • Pure Cardio DVD
  • Crazy Abs DVD

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