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The Kruncher

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Product Information:

  • The ultimate ab machine
  • Burn calories and build lean muscles
  • Great for beginners to athletes, men and women
  • Workout from a seated comfortable position on your chair or couch
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Made of high impact cold-rolled steel
  • Portable – folds for easy storage
  • Includes Kruncher, Carrying Bag, User Guide & Core Exercises, Workout DVD, Meal Guide, and Fitness Book

Customer Service:

  • 1-866-959-7922

Item Description

The Kruncher is the ultimate abs machine that can help you burn calories and build leans muscles in just 5 minutes a day. It produces real results and is ideal for beginners to trained athletes, both men and women.

You can work out your uppers abs, lower abs, obliques, hip flexors, and more. The Krucher delivers great ab workouts from a simple, lightweight, portable, and easy to use ab machine.

It also features patented hinge technology with variable resistance. There’s 3 different tensions that you crank up so you can tone those upper abs, lower abs, even hip flexors and lower back faster.

With The Kruncher you can workout from a comfortable seated position whether it is on a chair or couch. It provide twice the benefit of a normal sit-up and can piratically be used almost anywhere.

The Kruncher is made of high impact cold roll steel and comes already fully assembled. The space saving design allows it to folded flat for convenient storage.

Order the Kruncher today for just 2 payments of $29.95 plus shipping and handling. It includes:

  • The Kruncher
  • Nylon Carrying Bag
  • Users Guide & Core Exercises
  • The Ultimate 5 Minute Ab Workout DVD
  • Krunch Away the Pounds! Healthy Meal Guide
  • Fitness Ain’t Brain Surgery Fitness Book

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