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Ab Doer Twist

PRICE: $143.49

Product Information:

  • Twist your way into shape with twisting action
  • Builds lean muscles, tightens your core, and burns calories at the same time
  • Contouring arm bars will works out your biceps, triceps, and deltoids
  • Also engages your lower body to sculpt the legs, buns, and thighs
  • Get a complete body workout from your own home in just minutes a day
  • Massage roller gives you a revitalizing therapeutic massage every workout
  • Includes Abdoer Twist, Bonus Guides, Instructional DVD, and Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level Workout DVDs

Item Description

Twist your body into shape with the new Ab Doer Twist. It lets you perform exercise routines that will target all sides of the midsection, including the abdominals, obliques and mid-to-lower back region.

Using the Ab Doer Twist you can build lean muscles, tighten your core and burn away calories all at the same time. It is designed to maximize results and reduce the total workout time needed.

The contouring arm bars will work your biceps, your triceps, and your deltoids. The twisting action will also engage your lower body to help sculpt your legs, buns and thighs. In just minutes a day you can get a complete total body workout in the comfort of your own home.

The Ab Doer Twist is simple to use and feels great too. It has a comfortable seat and the foam roller gives you a revitalizing and therapeutic massage while you work out.

Both beginners and athletes can use the Ab Doer Twist to get the body they want. It is made with gym-quality, heavy-gauge steel that is built to last. Plus it can easily be assembled quickly and can fold up for easy storage.

This product is has earned the Seal of Approval from the National Health & Wellness Organization and is also endorsed by numerous fitness trainers and health professionals.

The Abdoer Twist system comes with:

  • Abdoer Twist
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Accelerated Results Guide
  • Healthy Eating Plan Guide
  • Let’s Get Started Instructional DVD
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level Workout DVDs

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