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3 Minute Legs

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Product Information:

  • Get tighter, leaner and shapelier in record time
  • Compact and portable
  • Sturdy steel frame construction that holds up to 275 pounds
  • Comfortable contoured seat
  • Glides smoothly on all surfaces
  • Won’t scratch your floors
  • Adjusts to your height and fitness level
  • Comes with Upper Body Sculpting Bands
  • Includes Manual, Meal Plan and Workout Books

Customer Service:

  • 1-719-948-1596

Item Description

3 Minute Legs is the lower body-sculpting machine that can help you get tighter, leaner, and shapelier in record time. It is a sculpting program that is based on squats and lunges, two of the most effective lower body exercises.

You’ll be activating some of the largest muscle groups in your body in order to burn off fat and boost your metabolism. The design of 3 Minute Legs will keep you centered and balanced while working out so you will always be using proper form. This helps you achieve the best results.

Plus 3 Minute Legs features a breakthrough technology called guided assistance that supports your body on the way down and gently assists it on the way up. This helps unload the stress caused on the joints, allowing you to sculpt all the different muscles in your legs and buns without causing strain on the knees and back. It even has a depth control cable that prevents you from going too low.

3 Minute Legs will even work out your core so you will be flattening your abs while your are firming and toning your legs. It can even be adjusted to your fitness level. The resistance can be increased by adding a powerful support band.

The 3 Minute Legs machine is compact, portable and  has a comfortable cushioned seat. It is designed so that is glides smoothly over all kinds of surfaces, including carpet, and won’t scratch wooden floors. The sturdy steel frame holds up to 275 pounds and it can be adjusts to your height.

3 Minutes Legs costs just $113.95 but right now you can try first at home risk free for 30 days by paying $14.95. The Upper Body Toning Bands is included and you will also get a Manual, Meal Plan and Workout Books.

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