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  • 10 DVDs from 10 top fitness experts
  • Designed for the busy women
  • Get results in as little as 1 week
  • Workouts as short as 6 minutes
  • Work out at home on your own schedule
  • Experience cardio, yoga, kickboxing, latin dance and more
  • Uses Blend Method for better results
  • Includes 5 free bonus gifts: Fitness Guide, Wall Calendar, 1 month free subscription to eDiets, Resistance Band, and Bonus Weight Loss DVD

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  • info@healthyfitbodies.com

Item Description

The Top Trainers Workout DVD system is the latest at-home fitness solution that is designed for the busy women in mind. You won’t have to go to the gym and workout because Top Trainers brings  your own personal trainer to you on your schedule.

You’ll get 10 total DVDs from 10 of the top fitness experts in the country. The workouts in Top Trainers  all workouts utilize the BLEND METHOD, which contains a wide variety of workouts with Cardio, Yoga, Kickboxing, Latin Dance and more.

The Top Trainers’ BLEND METHOD helps produces better results than standard workout methods. It varies your routines and blends in new exercises in order to keep you physically and mentally challenged. You won’t have to worry about muscle burnout and plateaus that occurs from doing the same moves and exercises over and over again.

You will get the body that you’ve always wanted while working out from the comforts of home fun. You can start to see results in as little as just 1 week. The 10 DVDs in Top Trainers are:

Lindsay Brin’s Shed 5 Fast

Designed to have you shed away 5 pounds quickly. It includes two total-body workouts balance toning exercises with bursts of energetic cardio for maximum fat burning in only 30 minutes. This interval training is the most efficient way to burn calories, and two different workouts ensure you won’t hit a plateau.

You’ll lose weight quickly with this effective fat burning workout. Ther’s 3 minutes of toning using multiple muscle groups to boost metabolism, and 3 minutes of martial arts/kickboxing to melt fat in exercises that are simple and effective. Follow your level- beginner, intermediate or advanced, or step up your program to advanced as you start to see results.

Ellen Barrett – Yogini

Yogini combines classic yoga poses that are subtly intensified with Pilates and body-sculpting techniques. You can burn fat, firm up and de-stress with ab targeting fusion fitness. You get the flexibility benefits of yoga plus the firming benefits of muscle toning. Ellen begins each series with a basic yoga pose like cobra, down dog or warrior. Then she smoothly and naturally blends in the muscle toning.

Angie Miller-Core & Strength Fusion

Fresh, creative, and fun, Angie Miller delivers the ultimate total body workout! This time efficient strength training program uses continuous movement and innovative exercises to sculpt and define your muscles. You’ll increase your strength and endurance, challenge your balance and coordination, and reap cardiovascular rewards. Fat burning, and functional, it’s the perfect way to reshape your body and achieve a leaner physique. Angie’s non stop energy and encouraging style will motivate you. Her attention to form and upbeat instruction will inspire you. Get ready to boost your metabolism and break through plateaus.

Jennifer Galardi – Ballet Body

If you’ve always desired the sleek toned muscles of ballet dancers, this workout is for you! Jennifer Galardi has created five mini workouts blending exercises from classical ballet, Pilates and yoga to deliver a workout that elongates and strengthens your entire body AND feels amazing. Each segment delivers maximum benefits to ensure you’ll see results whether you pick one or all routines.

Tracey Mallett – 6 Minute Quick Blast Method

The Cardio Blasts use interval training to turn your body into a metabolism-burning, calorie-crunching machine. The mind Body Blasts fuse Pilates and Yoga-inspired moves to lean out that physique, and for 6-Pack Abs, try the Quick ABS Blast. Watch real women do the workout who have personally lost weight doing this program.

Michelle Dozois – Your Best Body Circuit

Get Ready to create your best body ever. Michelle has skillfully combined the best and most efficient exercises to help you reshape your body and shed unwanted fat. Using a powerful combination of fun and easy-to-follow cardio intervals and metabolism boosting sculpting exercises, you’ll make the most out of every workout and burn more calories all day long.

Your Best Body Circuit will help you: (1) Increase definition, (2) Boost metabolism, (3) Burn fat, (4) Slim down. Designed for all fitness levels. For best results you can use a set of hand weights and a resistance band.

Ilaria Montagnani-Powerstrike 5

Powerstrike 5, is filled with energy-packed, exciting new drills and choreographed routines. Iliaria’s concentrated focus on safety and proper form reflects her vast experience and commitment to the martial arts. The intensity of this cardiovascular exercise allows you to maintain a target heart rate zone for 90% of the time and engages every muscle of the body. Prepare to sweat and be challenged as Ilaria and her team of instructors get you into the best shape of your life! Voted “Best Workout” by New York and Shape magazine, as well “Best Kickboxing DVD” by Health magazine.

Christi Taylor-Mission: Possible

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to soar through this exciting new workout with Christi Taylor. This exceptional step and multi-impact workout is for all exercise levels. It’s back to the basics in this “just plain fun” program. You’ll start with varied step-aerobics and end with energetic hi/lo. Beginners will thoroughly enjoy the easy-to-follow choreography, while advanced exercisers will appreciate the high level of intensity. Beginners, be sure to use the MoveMaster tutorial and progress at your own pace. Enjoy your Mission!

Susan Tuttle’s – Latin Sensation

You will love exercising to spicy Latin rhythms. Susan Tuttle takes you through a variety of Latin dance routines such as Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Cha Cha and Raggaeton. Get your body moving with this motivational workout routine. Trim your hips and thighs and tone your abs while you dance. No previous dance experience necessary. Let the music move your body.

Each 30 minute workout starts with a quick warm up then moves into fun, fat blasting Latin inspired dance moves. The smooth Cumbia beat is one of our favorites and don’t miss the excitement of heart pumping Reggaeton moves.

Stephanie Vitorino – Ultimate Body Shaper

Stephanie offers two complete 30 minute workouts on one DVD, plus full warm-up and cool-down options. The first workout is the V Body High Step Workout and is an incredible blend of aerobics/toning intervals for maximum benefit. The second segment is V Body Mat Workout, but don’t let the name fool you — you will not be leisurely resting on your mat. Not here! Instead, Stephanie uses the mat for standing work, actively engaging the core in the ultimate balance challenge (balance with weight work). Cardio blasts are included in each workout for maximum fat-burning results.

Order the Top Trainers Workout System today for just 3 payments of $29.95 plus shipping and handling. As a special bonus, you’ll also receive a set of 5 free gifts with your order. It includes:

  • Fitness Guide
  • Wall Calendar
  • 1 month free subscription to eDiets
  • Resistance Band
  • Bonus Yoga for Weight Loss DVD

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