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Billy Blanks PT 24/7

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Product Information:

  • Feel the results in 24 hours. See the results in 7 days.
  • Get sculpted and toned fast
  • Double the workout in half the time
  • Get real results in only 30 minutes a day
  • PT 24/7 7 DVD Set
  • PT 24/7 Cardio Bands & Gloves
  • Billy’s Nutrition Guide
  • Rotation Calendar
  • PT 24/7 Club Membership
  • Free upgrade to Express Shipping

Customer Service:

  • 1-877-358-0180, BillyBlanksPT247@demg.com

Item Description

Billy Blanks PT 24/7 is the ultimate Tae Bo workout. You can feel the results in just 24 hours and see the results in only 7 days.

The original Tae Bo workout from Billy Blanks was one of the most successful fitness program ever, having sold more than 100 million videos. Now Billy has done it again and created the most innovative workout to date with PT 24/7.

You can sculpt and tone your body fast. All it takes is just 30 minute each day. Billy Blanks will teach and motivate you to get the most out of this 7-DVD workout program. You’ll transform your body so it is stronger, more powerful and healthier.

The 7 Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Workout DVDs

DVD 1: Basics – Billy takes you through his trademark moves that will get you ready for other programs.

DVD 2: Cardio – Get your heart pumping as you push your endurance to the max with butt-kicking, aerobic, and muscle-toning workout

DVD 3: Cardio Burn – Feel your cardio improve with the most extreme, lower body challenge in the series.

DVD 4: Ripped Core – Slim your waist, tone those abs and get that six-pack you’ve always wanted.

DVD 5: Boot Camp Power – Go through a military-style strength routine to transform your upper body. Pump up those biceps, tone triceps, sculpt shoulders, and define that chest.

DVD 6: Combo Sculpt – Tone your entire body with body sculpting workouts that use strength training and cardio to achieve maximum results.

DVD 7: Body Blast – Takes you to a higher level of fitness as you blast through powerful workouts that will help you get lean and fit.

Order Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Workout System today for only 5 easy payments of $19.99 plus shipping and handling. It includes the Billy Blanks PT 24/7 7 DVD Set, the PT 24/7 Cardio Bands & Gloves, Billy’s Nutrition Guide and the Rotation Calendar.

With your order you’ll also gain free access to the PT 24/7 Online Club where you’ll find motivational tips, additional workouts, and nutritional information from Billy Blanks himself. In addition you’ll also get an upgrade to express shipping and handling on your order.

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