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Flirty Girl Fitness

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PRICE: $9.99

Product Information:

  • No more boring repetitive routines
  • No tiresome treadmills
  • World’s sexiest dance moves
  • Fat burning
  • Targets muscle toning centers
  • Feel like you are just having fun
  • Includes Booty Beat and Chair Dance DVD
  • Bonus Sexy Stretch DVD and Flirty, Fit and Fabulous Booklet

Customer Service:

  • 1-800-901-6157

Item Description

Unlock your inner diva and discover a fabulous new way of getting fit with Flirty Girl Fitness. Forget the boring workouts and tiresome treadmills.

With Flirty Girl Fitness you’ll learn some of sexiest dance moves in the world and get fit while doing so.

You”l learn dances from music videos, club dancing and even exotic dancing. They been turned to fast, fun, fat-burning routines that anyone can do.

While you think you are just having fun and dancing to music, you’ll also be burning calories plus losing pounds and inches. You can see results in as little as 10 days.

The secret behind the effectiveness of Flirty Girl Fitness is that the dance moves are designed to use your own body weight. You’ll get targeted muscle toning resistance that works out your entire body.

Plus Flirty Girl Fitness is designed to keep your muscles guessing with fresh workouts so the results won’t slow down.

For just $9.99 plus shipping and handling you can start off the Flirty Girl Fitness program. You’ll receive :

  • Booty Beat DVD
  • Chair Dance DVD
  • Bonus Sexy Stretch DVD
  • Bonus Full Color Flirty, Fit and Fabulous Booklet

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