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Skinny Switch Secret

PRICE: $2.98 a week

Product Information:

  • Burn off fat while still enjoying the foods you love
  • Never feel hungry or deprived
  • No dieting or pills
  • No prepackaged meals
  • No exercise required
  • No failures guaranteed

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Item Description

Now you can burn off fat while still getting to eat the foods you love with Rob Nevins’ Skinny Switch Secret. It is the weight loss solution that can help you lose 1 dress size in just 1 week.

With Skinny Switch Secret you will never feel hungry or deprived. It can have pizza, ice cream, cake, and wine, it’s on you plan.There’s no dieting, no pills, and no prepackaged meals.

Skinny Switch Secret has customized meals that are specifically designed around your age, gender, current size and the foods you’ve chosen.

Rob’s system comprises of a unique three-day program. One first and second days it lets you eat the food you love while your body’s fat is used as fuel and burned aggressively.

Then on the thrid day, it is a “load up” day that keeps your body from adjusting. Every time you repeat this three-day process you help jumpstart and boost your body’s metabolism.

Be continually repeating this process over a period of time, your body’s fat-burning ability is maximized for dramatic results.

Through this current special offer when you purchase a 6 month enrollment into Skinny Switch Secret you’ll get 6 months for free. It is is only $2.98 a week and the enrollment fee of $29.95 is waived.

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