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  • Lose weight and still eat the foods you enjoy
  • No strict diets, no starving yourself, and no prepackaged foods
  • Drop up to 3 sizes in just 8 weeks
  • Eat the right combination of foods to transform your body into a fat burning machine
  • Includes 21 Day Metabolism Makeover, How To Make A Fat Loss Plate, Eating Out Advisor, Million Meals Menu Planner, Snack and Treat Guide, Classic Comfort Food Recipes Cards, Fat Loss Secrets CD Series, and Food Lovers For Life Guide.
  • Free 7-Day Sizedown Guide and 12 Minute Workouts DVD

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  • 1-877-FOOD-LVR,

Item Description

With the Food Lovers Fat Loss System, you can lose weight without having to adhere to a strict diet or starve yourself. You’ll slim down and love every minute of it.

Unlike diets that forces you to give up most or all the foods you enjoy, the Food Lovers system lets you continue the foods you love. It’s is a simple program that is based on scientific research and helps you eat food in the right combinations to boost your body’s metabolism and burn fat faster. This way you can eat foods you like while still being able to lose weight.

The science behind Food Lovers Fat Loss is based on controlling and maintaining your blood sugar level. Everything you affects the level of your blood sugar and when it is too high, your body releases hormones that increases fat storage. When it is too low, your body thinks it is starving and also increases fat storage.

By eating the right combination of foods that contain fast carbs, slows carbs and protein you can maintain your blood sugar level you can move your body to a fat-burning mode and keep it there all day long.

Here’s what you can expect with the Food Lovers Fat Loss Program:

Day 1 – You’re ready to start losing weight when your kit arrives using the just food you already have inside your refrigerator.

Day 6 – You might have to tighten your belt a notch since you may have already dropped a whole pant or dress size already.

Day 21 – You have completely reset your metabolism and your body is now constantly in a fat burning mode.

Order the Food Lovers Fat Loss System for today for just 6 monthly $19.99 plus shipping and handling. It has a 12-week satisfaction guarantee and comes with:

  • 21 Day Metabolism Makeover
  • How To Make A Fat Loss Plate
  • Eating Out Advisor
  • Million Meals Menu Planner
  • Snack and Treat Guide
  • Classic Comfort Food Recipes Cards
  • Fat Loss Secrets CD Series
  • Food Lovers For Life Guide

Plus right now as a special bonus you’ll also receive these 2 bonus gifts valued at almost $70 free with your order:

  • 7-Day Sizedown Guide
  • 12 Minute Workouts DVD

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