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  • 90 day solution to getting 6-pack abs
  • No endless sit-ups, boring crunches, or ab machines needed
  • Uses Brett Hoebel’s Abcentric technique for effective results.
  • Wokr outs your abs from 6 different angles, not just one or two
  • 9 workout routines on 7 DVDs
  • Inlcudes RevGuide and Nutrition
  • 4 free bonus gifts: Rev It Cardio DVD, Anytime, Anywhere Abs, RevAbs Wall Calendar, and Professional Fat Caliper
  • Free upgrade to express shipping

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Item Description

RevAbs is your 90 day ab solution to getting rock hard 6-pack abs. You don’t have to do endless sit-ups, boring crunches, or even use ab machines.

This new ab system invented by Brett Hoebel is specially designed to burn off fat and give you a six-pack in just 90 days. Combined with Brett’s Jump-Start Plan, and you can lose up to 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks.

RevAbs is so effective because of a proven technique invented by Brett called Abcentrics. It works out your abs from 6 different angles, not just one or two, so you get results faster.

The workouts are all designed your abdominal muscles for every rep of every exercise. Every single move you perform will count and gets you one step closer to the body you want.

RevAbs gives you 9 routines on 7 DVDs. They are:

  • Abcentrics and How to Capoeira
  • Fire Up Your Abs
  • Power Intervals
  • Total Strength and Mercy Abs
  • Fat-Burning Abs
  • Power Intervals 2
  • Strength & Endurance and Merciless Abs

In addition to the workout DVDs you also get a the RevGuide which spells out the whole program, so you can get the most out of your 90-day ab transformation. You also receive a Nutrition Guide with easy to prepare meals for men and women.

You’ll also get these 4 bonus gifts in order to keep you motivated

  • Rev It Up Cardio DVD. No more boring treadmill cardio. This workout is spiced with Capoeira moves to burn the fat off your abs and your entire body.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Abs. On the road or can’t get to your TV? Take this workout anywhere and do it anytime. It only takes 5 minutes.
  • RevAbs Wall Calendar. More than inspiration, it tells you which workout to do each day for maximum results and makes it easy to keep track of your progress.
  • Professional Fat Caliper. The perfect tool to measure your body fat before and after your transformation. See if you can pinch an inch after 90 days

You can order the RevAbs system for only 2 easy payments of $39.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling. Act now and receive a free upgrade to express shipping.

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