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Rip 60 Workout

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Product Information:

  • Get ripped in just 60 days
  • Acitave all the muscles in your body
  • Lose weight, strengthen muscles, and increase flexibility, power and endurance
  • The ultimate at home workout system
  • Easily attaches to any door
  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Rip 60 straps
  • 8 Workout DVDs
  • Rip 60 for Runners DVD
  • Jillian Michaels Fat Shredding DVD
  • Georges St. Pierre Lean Muscle DVD
  • Rip 60 Power Yoga Workout DVD
  • Nylon Carrying Bag
  • 60 Day Nutrition Guide

Customer Service:

  • 1-888-533-1333, service@iconfitness.com

Item Description

Get ripped and transform your body in just 60 days with the Rip 60 Workout. It uses suspended rotation in order to force your body to stabilize and balance in all the workouts to activate all the muscles in your body.

Rip 60 will help you to lose weight, strengthen your muscles, and increase your flexibility, power and endurance. It is the ultimate at home workout system.

The suspended rotation technique of the Rip 60 allows you to optimize the volume of muscle activation so you can burn more calories without lowering your heart rate.  The straps used are designed to rotate back and forth to help train your muscles. As a result you can also improve your balance, stability and coordination by using the Rip 60.

You can easily attach the Rip 60 system to any door. It is capable of accommodating up to 300 lbs and won’t cause damage to your doors. Plus it is recommended by Jillian Michaels, who states “Rip 60 fires my core with every move. It keeps me lean and mean.”

Along with the Rip 60 straps, the system also comes with:

8 Total Workout DVDs

The DVDs 8 weeks of workouts that are designed to help transform your body. The first 4 weeks focuses on strength training. You’ll learn moves and techniques that will your strength endurance.

The last 4 weeks of DVDs targets your overall power. The workouts will help you develop your power endurance through explosive moves that will maximize muscle activation.

Additional Workout DVDs

In addition to the 8 workout DVDs, you’ll also get 4 additoinal workout DVDs. It includes Jillian Michael’s Fat Shredding DVD, MMA fighter Georges St. Pierre’s Lean Muscle DVD, the Rip 60 Power Yoga Workout DVD, and the Rip 60 for Runners DVD.

60-Day Nutrition Guide

This nutrition guide contains  delicious, healthy, and easy to make recipes that goes along with your workout plan. You’ll find meals that help you maximize your Rip 60 workouts.

Wall Chart Exercise Guide

A step-by-step guide with specific exercises. It is designed by a Certified Personal Trainer to help maximize your Rip 60 workout time

Travel Bag

This nylon carying bag is perfect for taking the Rip 60 with you while you are traveling. You can have an intense workout no matter where you are.

The manfacturer’s sugested retail price of the Rip 60 Workout system is normally $199.99 but right now you can order for just $139.99 plus shipping and handling. It comes with a 90-day warranty.

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