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  • Revolutionary math and memory system
  • Turbo charge your brain
  • Develop a mega memory
  • Master amazing math feats
  • Get the confidence to succeed
  • Unlock learning potential
  • 5 Fun & Educational DVDs
  • The Playbook – a 64-page workbook guide
  • Be a ‘Head’ Coach – Brainetics Manual for Parents
  • Deck of Brainetics Playing Card
  • Deck of Brainetics Custom Flashcards

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  • 1-877-444-3776

Item Description

The Brainetics Math and Memory System can help turbo charge your brain. In just 20 minutes a day it can help both kids and adults develop a mega memory, master amazing math feats, get the confidence needed to succeed and unlock their learning potential.

Brainetics is a revolutionary system that uses mathematics in order to teach you how to you could use two parts of your brain at the same time. One of the brain is for  processing information while the other portions is for storing information.

By using both parts of the brain, your mind will work better and faster at all subjects areas, whether is math, history, science, or languages. It can help elevate your entire thought process to a new, higher level.

What’s included in the Brainetics Memory Kit:

5 Fun & Educational DVDs

  • DVD 1 – Warm Up Time: Brainetics Number Fun
  • DVD 2 – Stretch Your Mind: Brainetics Math Tricks
  • DVD 3 – Cranium Crunching: Brainetics Math Shortcuts
  • DVD 4 – Go the Distance: Brainetics Mental Math
  • DVD 5 – Peak Performance: Brainetics Word Challenge

The Playbook – a 64-page workbook guide that corresponds to the DVDs. It contains lessons, games, tips, cool facts and explanations.

Be a ‘Head’ Coach – A Brainetics manual for parents that outlines the lessons of the DVD

Deck of Brainetics Playing Card- Traditional deck of cards (with 2 jokers) so you can follow along the amazing card tricks.

Deck of Brainetics Custom Flashcards - These cards are designed to test and sharpen the skills learned from the original 5 DVDs.

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