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Fushigi Ball

PRICE: $11.55

Product Information:

  • Mesmerize the mind and confuse the senses
  • Make it float and blow away your friends
  • Perform tricks that appear to defy gravity
  • Everyone loves the art of Fushigi
  • Anyone can master the Fushigi
  • Comes with free Tutorial DVD
  • Glow In The Dark and Mini Fushigis also available

Item Description

With the Fushigi Gravity Ball you can perform amazing mind blowing tricks that confuse the senses. Master the awesome tricks and you can amaze all your friends and family.

Fushigi is a form of art that is known as contact juggling. It involves exploiting the reflective properties of a clear sphere. The specific motions make it appear that the sphere is moving on its own or even floating in the air and defying the laws of gravity.

However the Fushigi is different from other contact juggling balls and has a completely unique design that is patent pending. It doesn’t have the “lense” effect that other clear acrylic balls possess and is actually two balls built into one for a greater degree of realism when performing tricks.

Not only is Fushigi cool to show off but it is also an incredible and therapeutic form of relaxation for the operator. Anyone can learn do it, you don’t have to be a professional or need any prior experience.

Order the Fushigi Gravity Ball today. It comes with a free Tutorial DVD valued at $40 that will have you learning the tricks in no time.

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