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Focus Factor

PRICE: $18.99

Product Information:

  • Support and maintains memory, concentration and focus
  • America’s #1 selling memory supplement
  • Over 4 million bottles sold
  • Contains a proprietary, patent-pending blend of nutrients and neuro-boosters
  • Helps feed and nourish the brain for optimal efficiency
  • Can also take the place of your current multivitamin

Item Description

Focus Factor is the brain supplement that helps you support and maintain memory, concentration and focus. It is America’s number 1 selling memory supplement with over 4 million bottles sold.

The patent-pending formula in Focus Factor contains a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, protective antioxidants, botanical extracts and essential omega-3 oils. It provides the brain the nutrient and nourishment it needs in order to operate at peak efficiency.

The nutrients and proprietary neuro-boosters found in the formulation are individually selected for their ability to support memory, concentration, focus and other key brain functions. There are no stimulants, caffeine, ephedra or ma huang used.

One of the main ingredients in Focus Factor includes natural beta-carotene, such as those found in raw vegetables. This is important because natural beta-carotene provides a whole family of carotenoids.

Focus Factor also contains Natural vitamin E, derived from the soybean, which is more effective than the cheaper synthetic version. There are also six separate forms of vitamin C and three different sources of magnesium from malate, citrate and taurinate.

There are also proprietary neuro-boosters that are aimed at supporting the memory. The synergistic and proprietary formulation includes:

  • DMAE, a natural substance found in fish
  • Botanical extracts, such as Bacopa, Huperzine and Vinpocetine
  • DHA, an important omega-3 fatty acid

Normally a single bottle of Focus Factor with 120 tablets retails for $84.95. But right now you can try a single bottle of Focus Factor with 60 tablets risk free. You just have to pay $4.95 to cover shipping and handling.

You can also take advantage of a buy 2 get 1 free offer and get a total of 320 tablets for just $169.90 plus the shipping and handling cost. That is a savings of $84.95.

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