Verbal Advantage

PRICE: $199.00

Product Information:

  • Get a Harvard graduate’s volcablary in just 15 minutes a day
  • Dramatically improve your overall vocabulary and communication skills
  • Achieve the vocabulary skills of excutives and PhDs.
  • Improved vocabulary leads to increase financials success
  • 24 Audio CD’s with 3,500 words
  • 2 CD-Rom Guidebooks
  • 2 Library Quality Binders

Customer Service:

  • 1-888-572-8060

Item Description

Get a Harvard graduate’s vocabulary in just 15 minutes a day with Verbal Advantage. They have been the leader in audio educational products for over 23 years.

The Verbal Advantage system can dramatically improve your overall vocabulary and communication skills. It can take your vocabulary skills from a basic college level up to the level of a PhD.

Whether you like or not people judge you by the vocabulary you use. The core focus of Verbal Advantage is to help you strengthen your vocabulary skills in order better your life.

Studies have shown that an increased vocabulary translates into increased financial success. When you master the words in this Verbal Advantage Success Edition, your vocabulary will surpass even most executives and professionals with advanced degrees.

The Verbal Advantage system normally retails for $299 but you can save 33% by using the coupon code VERBAL1 and get Verbal Advantage for only $199. The system includes 24 Audio CD’s with 3,500 words, 2 CD-Rom Guidebooks, and 2 Library Quality Binders.

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