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Trendy Top

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PRICE: $10.00

Product Information:

  • The t for your hips
  • Creates a layered look instantly
  • Bend, reach and sit in your jeans without exposing your belly or panties
  • Made with soft and stretchy cotton blend
  • Creates a trendy layering look that styles great with any top
  • Look more chic and lean
  • Includes Black and White Trendy Top
  • Free Beige and Gray Trendy Top*
  • Free set of 16 Style Snaps

Customer Service:

  • 1-866-518-2290, M-F 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM EST

Item Description

Trendy Top is the top that is not. It is a specially designed t just for your hips to give you a layered look instantly without adding any bulk.

When wearing low-rise jeans you look great but if you bend over or reach up, they can expose too much. With the Trendy Top you won’t have to exposing your belly or underwear when jeans ever again.

You won’t have to constantly tug and fix your top or pull your pants up. Plus the Trendy Top also helps gives you a naturally leaner and more chic look.

Just slip the Trendy Top on over your hips and you’ll have a fashionable layered look instantly. It is made with a soft and stretchy cotton fabric that works will all kinds of pants, skirts, shorts and more.

Normally a set of 1 Black and 1 White Trendy Top costs $10 plus shipping and handling. But with this current offer you’ll also receive a Beige and Gray Trendy Top for free. Just pay the additional shipping cost.

But that’s not all because you’ll also get a free set of 16 Style Snaps with your order. They are a snap and hem solution that lets you can quickly adjust the hem on any pair of jeans or pants.

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