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Curve Control Jeans

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PRICE: $39.95

Product Information:

  • Your search for the perfect pair of jeans is over
  • Built for women with real curves
  • Helps you look and feel your best
  • Specially designed jeans that fit any body type
  • Curves magically to your exact measurements
  • Lifts your bottom, flattens your stomach and slims down your thighs
  • A fashionable jean that’s still comfortable
  • Jeans are the only fashion item that never goes out of style
  • Get a second pair and save $10 on it

Item Description

Finally there are now specially designed jeans that will fit any type of body with the Curve Control Jeans from Kymaro. These amazing jeans will shape you and mold to your body,  lifting your bottom, and  flattening your stomach to help you look your best.

You no longer have to search endlessly to find trying to find that perfect pair of jeans or spend hundreds of dollars on jeans that were made to fit that skinny mannequin on display at the store.

Cure Control Jeans has a higher rise and a stretchy waistband to accommodate a fuller midsection, eliminating “muffin” tops. The Smooth fabric around the hips and thighs will magically make you look pounds thinner.

Plus the back pockets are bigger and placed in the center of each cheek to make the derriere look smaller and flatter. The dark even wash has a streamlining effect on your legs, and the tummy panel stitching holds in the lower abdomen. Also, the outer seam sits more to the front of the thigh to make your legs look long and thin.

Order a pair of Curve Control Jeans for just $39.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling. If you get a second pair, you’ll get $10 off on it.

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