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  • Get firmer, tighter, and toned abs in just minutes a day.
  • No doing time consuming sit-ups and crunches
  • Cleared by the FDA for ab toning, firming, and shaping.
  • No mess peel-off pads, the 4 built-in toning pads never needs replacing
  • Produces up to a 205% increase in abdominal performance in just 2 weeks
  • Includes Sport Elec Toning Belt, Contact Gel, Sport Elec Eating Plan Guide, and Sport Elec Move It To Lose It walking CD
  • Free shipping and handling

Customer Service:

  • 1-800-279-7461, M-F 7:00 AN - 5:00 PM PST

Item Description

With the Sport Elec Shape N Tone system you can achieve firmer, tighter and toned abs in just minutes a day. You won’t have to do time consuming sit-ups or crunches.

Sport Elec is specially designed to stimulate, tone, and shape the muscles in your abs. It has been cleared by the FDA for ab toning, firming and shaping.

You can conveniently use the Sport Elec while your watching TV, in the office, on the phone, reading a booking, cooking or doing other activities in order to save time.

Unlike other ab toning belts there are no messy peel-off pad with Sport Elec. It uses new technology with 4 built-in toning pads that never needs replacing.

Clinical studies show that after a 2 week period, Sport Elect produces a 205% increase in abdominal performance, 89% of subjects feel more toned, 80% of subjects feel firmer, and 80% have increased abdominal strength.

Order the Sport Elec system for$79.99 with free shipping and handing. It comes with a Sport Elec Toning Belt, a 1 month supply of contact gel, the Sport Elec Eating Plan guide, and the Sport Elec Move It To Lose It walking CD to help you burn fat, while you are toning your abs.

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