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Solar Flex Mat

PRICE: Trial Offer, $39.95 + S&H

Product Information:

  • Bring the yoga stuido to your home
  • Perform Hot Yoga, Pilates and even resistance workouts
  • Radiates Far Infrared heat waves deep into your body
  • The radiant heat allows your body to stretch farther than ever before
  • Can double the amount of calories burned without increasing effort or time exercising
  • Combines the 5,000 year-old tradition of yoga with heat
  • Designed to release stress, tension and toxins while building lean muscle tissue throughout your body
  • 30-day trial offer
  • Free 3-Step Training DVD
  • Free SolarBelt Slimming Belt

Customer Service:

  • 1-800-920-7681, ext. 2

Item Description

Now you can have your very own in-home hot yoga studio with the Solar Flex Mat. Say goodbye to paying for expensive yoga instructors at studios.

The Solar Flex Mat lets you do Hot Yoga, Pilates and even resistance workouts. Your body will start warm and than get hot much for better results.

The secret is the patented pending space age technology used. The mat releases Far Infrared heat to reach deep enough in your body to melt fat, burn calories, eliminate pain, detoxify and increase flexibility.

As a result you workouts are much more effective than before. You can burn as much as twice the number of calories with no extra work needed on your part.


  1. The radiant heat from the Solar Flex Mat stimulates the body to heat up from the inside, melting fat and purging harmful toxins.
  2. You well instantly start to burn away calories as the radiant heat produces a cardio workout and accelerates deep perspiration.
  3. The deep heat waves penetrate muscles to instantly increase flexibility and your range of motion so you can propel past your current physical fitness level.

Similar products have sold for as much $1,000 but the Solar Flex Mat is only $199.95 plus shipping and handling. This is almost $95 less than the retail value of $295.

But there’s more because you will also receive a set of free bonus gifts valued at $109. This includes a 3-Step Training DVD and a free SolarBelt Slimming Belt to help you burn off even more calories.

Plus you can also try the Solar Felx Mat first for 30 days at home risk free. You just have to pay $39.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling.

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