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Smoke Remedy

PRICE: $129.00

Product Information:

  • Breakthrough quitting aid
  • Eliminates desire for cigarettes
  • Helps stop cravings and withdrawls
  • Does not put nicotine in the body
  • Is 100% natural with no side effects
  • Is safe to take with prescriptions
  • Includes free Lung Remedy and D-Tox Remedy valued at $60

Customer Service:

  • 1-800-249-7705,

Item Description

Smoke Remedy is the breakthrough quitting aid developed by Living Well Remedies. It can help you kick the habit and stop smoking naturally.

If you ever tried to stop smoking but find it too difficult and couldn’t, it is mostly likely because of the cravings created by the nicotine. Products like patches, nicotine gum usually don’t really help you quit since they work by satisfying your craving for nicotine by delivering it to the body in another way.

However Smoke Remedy is different. It is is formulated with natural, safe, and effective ingredients that works to eliminate your cravings for nicotine and your desire to smoke.

Smoke Remedy is a homeopathic medicine that is designed to help strengthen your body back to a more balanced state. It helps your body return to a level where the craving for nicotine did not exist or was much less severe.

To use Smoke Remedy, you just spray it in your mouth every time you have the urge to light a cigarette. You will find it greatly helps with your cravings and over time the cravings should start to diminish and you well find that you need to use Smoke Remedy less and less.

You can order Smoke Remedy for $129 plus shipping and handling. As a bonus you’ll also receive a free bottle of Lung Remedy and a free bottle of D-Tox Remedy valued at $60 total.

Lung Remedy helps relieve many negative symptoms from smoking, including difficulty with breathing, shortness of breath, coughing, and having a hoarse voice. D-Tox Remedy is used to remove many of the harmful toxins from cigarettes that may be trapped inside your body.

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