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EZ Smoker

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PRICE: $69.95

Product Information:

  • Easy smoking electronic cigarette
  • No ashes, tars, flames or odor
  • Use it virtually anywhere
  • Emits a harmless water vapor
  • Saves you up to $5 for every pack you smoke
  • Includes Charger, Rechargeable Battery, Atomizer, and 15 Filter Catridges

Customer Service:

  • 1-800-983-8136

Item Description

The EZ Smoker is the easy smoking solution that lets you smoke anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t contain the thousands of harmful chemicals found in cigarettes and will save you money too.

There’s no butts, ashes, tar, or carbon monoxide like from ordinary cigarettes. You can satisfy your cravings for a smoke and not have to ruin your clothes or your smile.

You can use the EZ Smoker anywhere because it does not emit smoke but rather a water vapor with no odors or toxins. There’s no second hand smoke risk so you can use at home, the office, or restaurants.

The EZ Smoker feels just like a real cigarette though and the tip even glows for a more realistic experience. It will even automatically shut down itself off when it is not in use.

The EZ Smoker system includes a charger, rechargeable battery, and atomizer. It is valued at $130 but through this special offer you can get one for free when you purchase either 15 Regular Filter or 15 Menthol Filters for just $69.95 plus shipping and handling.

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