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  • Personalized acne treatment
  • Patent-pending skiniD evaluation
  • Specially made for your skin, acne, and lifestyle
  • Cleanses, treats ,and protects the skin
  • Clinically proven to work
  • Includes Gel Cleanser, Anti-Acne Treatment, and Moisturizer
  • Free Body Spray, Fast-Acting Acne Spot Treatment, and Travel Bag

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Item Description

Nuetrogena’s skiniD is an acne solution that works better and faster than the competition. This is because it is personalized for each individual for the best results.

Other acne systems try to use a one size fits all approach but everyone’s skin is different. A formulation that works great for one person may not be effective for another.

But with skiniD you get an acne system made for your skin, acne and lifestyle. Each system contains the right amount of active ingredients for clearing away your acne and stopping future breakouts.

To figure out your skin type, you just have to take the skiniD evaluation online. It includes a serious of questions created by expert dermatologists to help figure out the best skiniD system for you.

With this current offer you can get the skiniD system for just $19.95 a month plus shipping and handling. It includes a Gel Cleanser, Anti-Acne Treatment, and Moisturizer.

Plus you’ll also receive 3 free bonus gifts with your order. You’ll get the Body Spray, Fast-Acting Acne Spot Treatment, and Travel Bag.

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