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Point N Paint

PRICE: $6.97

Product Information:

  • Paint an entire room in less than one hour
  • Ergonomic design
  • Paint pads holds up to 5 times more paint
  • No more paint prepping, runs or brush strokes
  • No more up and down ladders
  • Perfect for Ceilings
  • Great for Stains
  • Run circles around fixtures
  • Includes Larger Painter, Mini Painter, Paint Tray, 2 Large Pads, 2 Small Pads

Item Description

Paint an entire room in less than an hour with Point N Paint. The special pad design lets you glide along moldings, zip around corners, and paint circles around fixtures.

It makes painting easier than ever before. Point N Paint holds up to 5 times more paint than a conventional roller head and the pads works great on any surface, whether textured or smooth.

Plus it features a revolutionary no drip design. It will keep the paint off the floors and on the walls with professional results every time. Point N Paint will save you time since there is no masking or taping needed.

Order the Point N Paint system today. It comes with:

  • Large Painter
  • Mini Painter
  • Paint Tray
  • 2 Large Pads
  • 2 Small Pads

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