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Edge Of Glory

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PRICE: $9.99

Product Information:

  • Bring any dull knife back to life
  • Best knife sharpener money can buy
  • Safe and easy way to sharpen knives
  • Tungsten carbide teeth
  • Super suction locks it to virtually any surface
  • Works with all kind of knives
  • Includes Edge of Glory and 3-Piece Knife Set

Customer Service:

  • 1-800-777-4034, M-F 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST

Item Description

The Edge Of Glory Knife Sharpener can restore all your dull knives and make them razor again. Transform an entire drawer full of old dulled out knives to like-new knives in just seconds.

It is one of the best knife sharpeners that money can buy. The secret is the set of dual hardened Tungsten Carbide teeth which sharpens any blade to a razor’s edge.

Using the Edge Of Glory is safe, fast and say. Just place the super-suction base onto a level smooth surface and pull the lever down to lock it into place. Then just swipe a knife across the teeth.

Your knife will be razor and it’ll be able to slice, dice or chop with ease. You’ll get absolutely perfect slices each and every time. The Edge Of Glory Knife Sharpener works with all kinds of knives and even serrated blades.

Order a the Edge Of Glory plus a set of 3 knives for just $10.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling. You can also take advantage of a buy 1 get 1 free offer and receive a second Edge Of Glory and 3-Piece Knife Set for free. Just pay the extra shipping and handling cost.

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