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Aero Knife

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PRICE: $10.00

Product Information:

  • Light as air kitchen knife
  • Razor sharp – clean cuts every time
  • Food never sticks to it
  • Requires less force, strength and pressure to cut
  • Aerodynamic design with 60% less surface area
  • Used and endorsed by TV Chef Ming Tsai
  • Measures 10 ” in length with 6 ” blade
  • Get a 2nd Aero Knife & Edge of Glory for additional $6.99

Customer Service:

  • 1-855-668-1655

Item Description

The Aero Knife is a kitchen knife that can make smooth, clean cuts without food ever sticking to the knife.  It is extremely lightweight, easy to handle, and requires less force and strength to cut.

This is because of the revolutionary aerodynamic design with holes. This reduces the surface area by 60%. As a result  there is  less friction when you slice so less force, strength and pressure is required to cut.

In addition because of the holes, foods won’t stick to the Aero Knife. Combined with a razor sharp blade and you can quickly make  clean cuts every single time.

This makes the Aero Knife one of the easiest and smoothest cutting knives that is available. Using the Aero Knife can help you  reduce your cooking prep time and make the prep work faster and easier.

Order the Aero Knife today for just $10 plus shipping and handling. Plus you can take advantage of a special offer that is available. For just an additional $6.99 fee you can add a second Aero Knife along with an Edge Of Glory knife sharpener to your order.

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