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PRICE: $9.95

Product Information:

  • Specially formulated to assist with your pet’s skin problems
  • Vertinary strength formulas
  • Relieve itching and enhances shine of coat
  • Improve the health of your pet’s skin
  • Maintain healthy and problem-free skin
  • 4 oz PetMD Anti-Itch Spray
  • Free 4 oz PetMD Anti-Itch Shampoo
  • Free 4 oz PetMD Great Mane Conditioning Spray

Customer Service:

  • 1-800-357-5446, M-F 8:30 AM - 10:00 PM EST

Item Description

PetMD is the skin care system for you pet that helps relieve itching and improve the health of their skin. The products contain veterinary strength formulas that are designed to assist you with your pet’s skin problems.

With your PetMD your dog or cat no longer have to suffer through discomort and provides an easy way to maintain healthy and problem-free skin.

The three products in the PetMD Anti-Itch Set includes the Anti-Itch Spray, Anti-Itch Shampoo, and Great Mane Conditioning Spray.

PetMD Anti-Itch Spray has a top of the line formula with Lidocaine. The potent blend of antimicrobial and anti-irritant ingredients is combined with moisturizing and soothing elements.

  • Works instantly
  • Veterinary strength relieves pain and itching
  • Gentle, non-stinging solution
  • Odorless relief in a convenient spray
  • Dramatically curbs excessive licking
  • Enhanced with Aloe & Lanolin for gentle, soothing comfort

PetMD Anti-Itch Shampoo is made to help control itching. It as shine-enhancers and a special botanical blend that helps soften and moisturize the coat of your pet.

  • Collagen and Lanolin softens and moisturizes
  • Willow Herb Extract and Aloe Vera soothes irritated skin
  • Tea Tree Oil controls itching
  • Guards against flaking and  scaling
  • Helps neutralize odors 
  • pH balanced

PetMD Great Mane Conditioning Spray is formulated with moisturizing agents that assist in the control of flaking and scaling. It revitalizes the pH balance of your pet’s skin after shampooing

  • Soothes and moisturizes
  • Enhanced with Lanolin
  • For both dogs & cats
  • Veterinary strength
  • Contains essential fatty acids
  • Revitalizes condition of skin and coat

Normally a single bottle of the PetMD Anti-Itch Spray is $9.95 plus shipping and handling.  But right now through this special offer you’ll also receive both the Anti-Itch Shampoo and Great Mane Conditioning Spray absolutely free with your order.

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