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Pet Bath Towel

PRICE: $9.77

Product Information:

  • Keep your pets happy, clean and healthy
  • The no stress and no mess way to clean your pets
  • Quick, easy, effective
  • No need to force your pet into water to clean them
  • Special MicroFiber material designed specially for dogs and cats
  • Wipes away dirt, dust, oil, and dander
  • Machine washable for added convenience
  • Includes 2 (two) 16 x 24 inch Towels and Instruction Manual

Item Description

Keep your dog and cat clean and happy with the Water-Less Pet Bath Towel. It lets you clean your pets without having force them into water and get them soaking wet.

Pet owners know that many dogs and cats simply hate water and try to run the other way when they know it is time for a bath. But using the Water-Less Pet Bath Towel, you just have to dampen it or spray it lightly with a little bit of water. Then just gently wipe your pet with it.

The Water-Less Pet Bath Towel is made with a MicroFiber material that is designed especially for  pets. It gets into the nooks and crannies of their fur and will effectively remove any oil, dirt, dust and dander that is trapped inside.

It is a no stress and no mess solution to keep your pet clean, happy and healthy without having to give them a bath and using any shampoos, soap or cleaners with chemicals inside.

Each Water-Less Pet Bath Towel set comes with 2 (two) 16 inches by 24 inches Pet Bath Towels and an Instruction Manual. The towels are machine washable for you can use them over and over again.

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