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Nutra Sonic

PRICE: $99.99

Product Information:

  • Helps to reduce wrinkles
  • Gentle enough to be used daily
  • Helps to reduce dry or oily areas
  • Helps to unclog and minimize pores
  • Closer and more comfortable shave
  • Micro exfoliation of dead skin cells
  • Increases absorption of everyday creams and lotions
  • Removes impurities, oil, dirt, dead skin cells, and makeup
  • Includes Nutra Sonic Unit, Universal Charger, 3 Brushes, Botanical Cleanser, and Botanical Toner

Item Description

Discover the benefits of sonic cleansing for your face and body with the Nutra Sonic. It uses advanced sonic technology gently remove much more dirt and other impurities compared to traditional methods.

When using your hands or towels to cleanse your skin, there is still dirt trapped inside that you cannot see. But the sonic technology used in the Nutra Sonic can and at the same time also exfoliates away dead skin cells for healthier and smoother skin.

The Nutra Sonic oscillates at 400 times per second to gently remove removes oil, dirt, dead skin cells and makeup residue. It also helps unclog and minimize your pores.

Once your  pores are cleared using the Nutra Sonic, any other skin care products you apply can penetrate into your skin and be absorbed more easily. Therefore the Nutra Sonic will help enhance the effectiveness of your skin care products.

In a clinical study conducted on the Nutra Sonic the results showed that:

  • 96% of participants reported noticeable improvement in skin firmness and elasticity
  • 100% of participants reported superior cleaning of the skin as comparing to cleansers, or soaps used alone
  • 100% of participants reported improvement in skin tightness and tone
  • 100% of participants reported the reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The Nutra Sonic Bella Facial Cleansing system comes with:

  • 2-speed face brush with universal charger
  • Brush for sensitive skin
  • Brush for normal skin
  • Body brush
  • 1.7 oz Botanical Cleanser
  • 1.7 oz Botanical Toner

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