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Cardio Twister

PRICE: Trial Offer, $14.95

Product Information:

  • A whole new twist to getting fit
  • Work out your entire body with just one machine
  • Dual-drive gearbox moves you up and down and in and out
  • 20 different core muscles get a great workout
  • Includes Cardio Twister, a workout DVD, the Rapid Start Diet Plan, and the Thin, Trim, and Tasty Meal Plan
  • 30-day risk free trial offer

Customer Service:

  • 1-973-287-5187

Item Description

The Cardio Twsiter lets you get fit with a whole new twist. It is a great way to work your entire body using just one machine. It ia an exercise breakthrough that will burn fat, help firm and sculpt your body, and give you flatter, tighter abs, all at the same time.

The secret is the Cardio Twister’s advanced dual-drive gearbox. The powerful bi-directional stepping action moves you up and down and in and out, combined with an upper body twisting action that tightens your entire core.

You’ll work out your arms, back, shoulders , abs and obliques along with 20 different core muscles all at the same time with the Cardio Twister. You won’t get results like this from regular steppers that only move up and down.

The Cardio Twister cost $159.80 and comes with free shipping. Currently there is a risk free trial offer where you can try it first for 30 days by just paying $14.95. It comes with:

  • The Cardio Twister
  • The Cardio Twist Express DVD
  • Rapid Start Diet Plan
  • Thin, Trim and Tasty Meal Plan

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