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PRICE: $23.95

Product Information:

  • Pals that hang around
  • Personalize your belongings
  • Tons of different uses
  • Children ID and security tag
  • Labeling water of bottles
  • Use it as a key chain
  • Hang it on your backpack
  • Label your luggage
  • Includes 5 different Zippies
  • Get all 10 Zippies for $48.95 with free shipping

Customer Service:

  • 1-888-386-1288,

Item Description

Zippies are the fun pals that you hang around in order to personalize and accessorize your belongings. It is a multi-functioning product that has a ton of different uses.

The front side of each Zippies features a fun looking face. The other side has a place for you to write your name or whatever else you want.

You can used Zippies as a child id and security tag that can be clipped onto anything and anywhere. Or you can use it to hang around your water bottle so you don’t get it confused with others.

Or you can hang Zippies on your backpack, as a belt loop, to identify your luggage, use it as a necklace or a key chain. Not only do Zippies have so many practical uses, they are also  collectors items for all ages.

With this special online offer you can get 5 different Zippies for just $23.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling. Or get all 10 different Zippies for $48.95 with free shipping.

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