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PRICE: $10.00

Product Information:

  • Delicious and juicy tomatoes are just a step away
  • No digging or weeding needed
  • Just fill, plant and water
  • Heats roots like a green house
  • Provides better soil aeration
  • Made of waterproof flexible heavy duty vinyl
  • Great for porch, deck, patio or yard
  • Free 3 Bushelmaker Tomatoes Pre-Seeded Pots*

Customer Service:

  • 1-866-347-9041, M-F 8:30 AM - 10:00 PM EST

Item Description

Now you can easily grow big, fresh and delicious tomatoes at home with the Tomato Factory Planter. It eliminates all the back breaking work that is usually needed when growing your own tomatoes.

With the Tomato Factory, there is no there is no digging or weeding needed.  It is so simple and easy to use. All you have to do is just fill, plant, water and wait from your tomatoes to grow.

The Tomato Factor Planter is specially designed to provide better soil aeration and allows the sun to heat the roots like a green house. This helps stimulate growth, so your tomatoes will ripe faster and give you a higher yield.

It is a beautiful way to grow big, juicy and great tasting tomatoes. You will always have fresh and delicious tomatoes at your fingertips. The Tomato Factory goes great in your porch, deck, balcony or your yard.

Order the Tomato Factor Planter today for just $10 plus the cost of shipping and handling. With your order you well also receive a set of 3 Bushelmaker Tomatoes Pre-Seeded Pots for free. You just have to pay the addtional shipping and handling.

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