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Sticky Balls

PRICE: $14.99

Product Information:

  • Addictive magnetic balls
  • Hours and hours of fun right out of the box
  • No boredom, no batteries, and no breaking guaranteed
  • Let your imagination run wild
  • Double offer: 216 total Stick Balls
  • Free Travel Case
  • Free Shape Maker
  • Free Hints and Tips Guide
  • Free Mastery DVD

Customer Service:

  • 1-888-317-8018, M-F 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST

Item Description

With the Sticky Balls magnetic balls you can have hours and hours of fun right out of the box. Is the cool magnetic toy that lets you make all sorts of shapes, sculptures, designs, or even jewelry you can wear.

The only limitation is your imagination. You can build anything from simple patterns to massive and complex sculptures. The tutorial DVD and guide well give you ideas and inspiration on things you can make using Sticky Balls.

The Sticky Balls is recommended for those ages 14 and up. Anyone can use the sticky balls and start making shapes right out of the box. After some practice you’ll be able to master them and make even the most difficult shapes.

The secret behind Sticky Balls is that they are made with a special earth magnet called neodymium. Neodymium is much more powerful than a standard earth magnet. In fact a single one can hold up to 6 pieces of paper or even more.

Normally a set of 108 Sticky Balls would cost $14.99 plus shipping but with this special double offer, you’ll receive a total 216 Stick Balls for the same price.

Plus your order will also come with these free bonus gifts (just pay the extra shipping and handling):

  • Travel Case (For on the go Sticky Balling)
  • Shape Maker (For more complex shapes)
  • Hints and Tips Guide
  • Mastery DVD

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