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Snore Free

PRICE: $49.99

Product Information:

  • Treats snoring and mild sleep apnea
  • Patented oral appliance
  • Reduces the effects of teeth grinding
  • Designed by leading Orthodontist
  • Provides superior comfort & breathability
  • Tested in hospitals and clinically proven
  • Used in Sleep Disorder Centers nationwide
  • Comes with freshening cleaner

Customer Service:

  • 1-888-667-6673

Item Description

Snore Free is the original patented oral snoring prevention system that was designed by leading orthodontists. It is clinically proven to effectively treat most cases of snoring, mild sleep apnea and teeth grinding.

If snoring is ruining your relationship by keeping your parter up at night than Snore Free can help. It is a safe, simple and effective solution for stopping snoring.

The patented Snore Free system features a custom thermoplastic form fitting technology that helps posture the jaw in an advanced position, opening the airway and permitting free airflow.

This can dramatically reduce the amount of snoring or even eliminate completely. You can stop losing valuable hours of sleep and start waking up refreshed.

You can order the Snore Free system for only $49.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling. It comes the SnoreFree mouth device and a bottle of Fresher Cleanser for cleaning the oral appliance.

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