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Seat Savers

PRICE: $9.95

Product Information:

  • The easy solution to fix sagging couches
  • Add a firm and comfortable support to any droopy sofa or chair cushion
  • Simple place Seat Savers under any sagging cushion
  • Don’t waste money buying expensive new furniture
  • Prolong the life of you current furniture
  • Made with durable fiberboard that is covered with vinyl
  • Trimmable in order to give a perfect fit
  • Double offer – includes 2 Seat Savers*
  • Offer not available in stores

Customer Service:

  • 1-866-518-2290

Item Description

If your old sofa or arm chair has gone soft and the cushion is sagging, then you need Seat Savers. It is the quick and easy way to fix any sagging sofa or armchair.

You can use Seat Savers to quickly add a firm, comfortable support to any droopy sofa or chair cushion. All you have to do is  place a Seat Saver under the sagging seat cushion to restore firmness.

Seat Savers is a much more affordable solution then having your sofa reholstered or buying expensive new ones. You can easily prolong the life of your current furniture since they bring back the firm support your furniture used to give you when it was new.

Seat Savers with is made with a durable fiberboard that is covered with vinyl. You can trim it so you can get the perfect size you need in order to fit your furniture.

A single Seat Saver normally costs $9.95 plus the cost of shipping. But with this special double offer, you’ll get another Seat Saver for free. You just have to cover the extra shipping and handling.

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