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PRICE: $19.99

Product Information:

  • Closer, safer, faster, and smoother shaves
  • Convenience of an electric shaver and closeness of a razor blade
  • 9 rotating blades at 30 revolutions per second
  • Special curved head design that adjusts to your face
  • Patented safe guards to reduce nicks and cuts when gliding over skin imperfections
  • Spiral Windings that practically eliminates irritation
  • Includes RotoShave Electric Shaver, 2 Cartridges Featuring 9 blades, Travel Pouch, and Demo DVD
  • Free TrimMen Personal Grooming Kit*

Customer Service:

  • 1-973-287-5195

Item Description

The world’s number one electric shaver is here with the RotoShave from Emjoi. It delivers the simplicity of an electric razor with the closeness and efficiency of a razor blade.

You’ll experience a combination of the best wet shaves and the power of an electric shaver. The RotoShave gives you a closer, safer, faster, and smoother shave than any other razor.

It is the only electric razor that has 9 rotating blades at 30 revolutions per second to give amazing total of 270 strokes per second.

Plus there are patented safety guards that acts as a barrier between the blades and your skin giving much less nicks and cuts than other razors when going over skin imperfections.

In addition, with the patented Spiral Windings, all irritation you normally get with other shavers is practically eliminated when using the RotoShave.

With this current offer order the RotoShave for $19.99 plus shipping and handling. It comes with the RotoShave Electric Shaver, 2 Cartridges Featuring 9 Blades, Travel Pouch and Demo DVD.

Plus as a special bonus you can get a TrimMen Personal Grooming Kit free with your RotoShave order. You only have to cover the extra shipping cost for it.

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