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PRICE: $19.95

Product Information:

  • Trimmer head that keeps your line from breaking
  • Fits on 99.9% of gas trimmers and uses standard trimmer lines
  • Only trimmer head with pivoting action and 8 high power trimmer lines
  • Lines loads easily in just seconds without any tools or winding
  • So powerful no other trimmer head can compete
  • Includes PivoTrim, a Universal Installation Kit and 20 Precut Trimmer Lines

Item Description

Improve the performance of your gas trimmer with the PivoTrim. It is the next generation trimmer head that prevents your lines from breaking. Ordinary trimmer heads break lines by forcing them to exit the head at a fixed point but the patented pivot action of the PivoTrim protects the trimmer lines.

The PivoTrim will fit on 99.9% of all gas trimmers and uses standard trimmer lines. It is the only trimmer head with a pivoting action that has 8 high power trimmer lines. The lines can be easily loaded in just seconds without any tools or winding needed. 

Even if you bang it on pavers, edge around driveways, or smash it into walls, the lines won’t break with the PivoTrim. Plus it is so powerful, no other trimmer head can compete with it. It is even tough enough to cut right through plywood without breaking an lines.

The PivoTrim kit comes with the PivoTrim, a Universal Installation Kit and 20 Precut Trimmer Lines for just $19.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling.

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