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PRICE: $20.00

Product Information:

  • Step by step breast self-exam system
  • Take charge of your health today
  • Check the breast tissue for lumps
  • Molds to the skin
  • Provides a smooth surface for the fingers to glide
  • 2 Liv Heart Shaped Detection Devices
  • Instructional DVD

Customer Service:

  • 1-866-385-5248, M-F

Item Description

Now women everywhere can take charge of their own health with Liv. It is a self-examination aid that is specially designed to help women examine their breast for lumps.

Having breast examinations regularly is is an important aspect for women when it comes to living healthy lives, especially for those over 40. However many women fail to get examinations for one reason or another.

With the Liv step by step self-exam, you can examine your breast tissue from the comforts of their own home through a simple and easy process.

Just place Liv over the breast and it molds to the skin. The bottom layer of Liv rests on the skin while the layer top lets the fingers glide smoothly over the breast area via the liquid inside.

The Liv self-examination comes with 2 Liv Heart Shaped Detection Devices and an Instructional DVD. Order Liv today for just $20 plus the cost of shipping and handling.

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