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Lint Lizard

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PRICE: $10.99

Product Information:

  • Remove dryer lint from hard to reach places
  • Neat and easy to use
  • Attaches right to vacuum hose
  • Flexible 44″ hose
  • Cleans deep and around corners
  • Prevent vent fires
  • Free 2nd Lint Lizard + Dust Wizard*

Customer Service:

  • 1-800-777-4034, M-F 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST

Item Description

The Lint Lizard lets you easily remove dryer lint in hard to reach places and prevent any dangerous clogs that can choke your dryer. It is a vacuum attachment that is 44″ long and flexible enough to remove packed lint and fibers that has built up over time in your dryer.

All you have to do is just attach the Lint Lizard to the end of any vacuum hose. Then turn you vacuum on and the built-in fan nozzle will easily reach inside the dryer, the lint catcher, and even your dryer vent outside to suck up the lint.

With the Lint Linzard you can keep your dryer free of lint in order to maximize energy efficiency and ensure that your dryer runs smoothly.  A clogged dryer has to work much harder and a lot of built up lint can burn out your motor or even be a fire hazard in some extreme cases.

A single Lint Lizard Lint Tool normally sells for $10.99 plus shipping but now with this current special offer you can get a second Lint Lizard as well as a Dust Lizard for free. You just have to pay the extra shipping and handling for the free Lint Lizard and Dust Lizard.

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