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Kangaroo Keeper Brite

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PRICE: $10.00

Product Information:

  • Neatly and securely organize your purse
  • New LED Light helps you to see in the dark
  • Reduce handbag clutter
  • Plenty of pockets – can hold over 70 items
  • Find what you need quickly
  • Move items to another handbag easily
  • Includes Large and Medium Kangaroo Keeper in Tan
  • Buy 1 Set Get 1 Set Free*

Customer Service:

  • 1-877-368-3284 , M-F 5:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST

Item Description

The original Kangaroo Keeper is now improved with the all new Kangaroo Keeper Brite. Just like the original, it is an amazing purse insert which lets you neatly and securely organize all your items in your purse.

Plus now there’s a new LED Light that lets you find what you need even when it is dark. Just click the switch to turn the light on when needed. It is like having a flashlight in your purse, perfect for finding keys and other items at night.

With the Kangaroo Keeper you can transform the most cluttered bags into a neatly organized one. It have enough compartments to hold over 70 items. This includes your keys, cards, wallets, cellphone, makeup, glasses, a beverage bottle, an umbrella, and much more.

By using the Kangaroo Keeper you can also easily transfer all your items quickly from one handbag to another. All you have to do is lift the entire Kangaroo Keeper insert up and then just place it inside another handbag. It’s that easy and takes just seconds. You no longer have to waste time reorganizing all your belongings when switching purses.

Order a set with a Large Kangaroo Keeper Brite  and a Medium Kangaroo Keeper Brite both in Tan for just $10.00 plus shipping and handling.

As a special bonus you’ll receive a second set with a Large and Medium Kangaroo Keeper Brite in Black for free. Just pay an extra shipping and handling fee for the second free set.

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