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HD Vision Foldaways

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PRICE: $14.99

Product Information:

  • Over 12 HD Vision glasses sold
  • New and improved design
  • Improved HD lenses
  • Experience high definition color, clarity, and contrast
  • Ingenious foldable frame
  • Tiny enough enough to fit in shirt pocket or tiny purse
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer*

Customer Service:

  • 1-877-833-7685

Item Description

The HD Vision Foldaways are the amazing foldable sunglasses with high definition lenses. The new and improved design is now more portable and features improved lenses.

The new ingenious foldable frame lets you fold the Sunglasses up when you’re not wearing them. So now you can fit the glasses inside a shirt pocket or a small purse and take them with you anywhere.

Plus they’ve been enhanced with the newest and best HD lenses yet. You’ll get amazing high definition color, clarity, and contrast for better vision and more details.

So why bother with other sunglasses that just makes everything darker and harder to see? With HD Vision Foldaways you can protect your eyes from the sun and see everything better at the same time.

Order a pair of the HD Vision Foldaways Sunglasses today for just $14.99 plus shipping and handling. As part of this special buy 1 get 1 free offer, you’ll receive a second pair of HD Vision Foldaways glasses for free. You just have to pay for the extra shipping cost.

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