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Garry Vacuum

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PRICE: 4 payments of $49.95

Product Information:

  • Superior suction power
  • Weights less than 9 lbs.
  • Cuts cleaning time in half
  • Hypo-allergenic technology
  • Purifies air and reduces germs
  • Spend less time dusting
  • Five-layer germicidal outer bag
  • Three-layer inner bag system
  • Free vacuum bags for life*
  • Free Garry Steam Mop*

Customer Service:

  • 1-888-544-3729,

Item Description

The Garry Ultra Light Vacuum weights less, delivers more suction, purifies air and cut your cleaning time in half. The unique design requires no back track, saving you time.

This professional quality, ultra lightweight vacuum delivers superior suction power with its powerful agitating brush that spins at an impressive 6,600 RPM.

The Garry will loosen stubborn, even hidden ground-in dirt from your carpets, rugs, wood floors, furniture and drapes in just a single pass.

Plus it has a hypo-allergenic type bag filtration system that removes harmful particles in your air. The Gary will actually clean your air as it cleans your floor, capturing allergens and dust.

The five layer germicidal outer bag and the three layer inner bag will harmful particles in your air down to 0.3 microns.

Order the Garry Vacuum today for just 4 easy payments of $49.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling. This offer includes getting free vacuum bags for life, you just have to pay the shipping cost.

But there’s more. As a special bonus you can also get a free Garry Steam Mop with your order. This ultra lgiht steam mop disinfects and steam cleans the toughest dirt from your floors. All you have to do is pay the extra shipping for it.

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