Diet and Weight Loss


PRICE: $49.99

Product Information:

  • Based on weight-loss surgery principles
  • Helps you lose weight naturally
  • Fills out part of your stomach before you eat
  • Stomach fills up with less food at mealtime
  • Your stomach tells the brain “Stop I’m full” faster
  • Just eat a FullBar with a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal
  • No pills to take, no calorie counting or other hard to follow methods
  • Available in 6 delicious flavors
  • 2 week program – 24 total bars
  • Buy a 1 month supply and save 10%
  • Buy a 2 month supply and get 1 month free

Customer Service:

  • 1-877-622-1669

Item Description

Fufill your weight loss goals with FullBars. They are the diet bars that help you lose weight naturally by making you feel fuller quicker. You’ll end up eating less and reducing your calorie intake. 

FullBars are inspired by weight-loss surgery principles. It fills out part of your stomach before you eat so your stomach feels full with less food at mealtime. It will tell your brain, “Stop I’m full” quicker than before.

Each FullBar is made with natural ingredients, is delicious, and comes pre-packaged. All you have to do is eat a FullBar and drink a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal. There are calories to count, pills to take, or other methods that are difficult to maintain.

FullBar tastes great and comes in six different flavors. They are Berry Bliss, Caramel Apple Crisp, Cocoa Chip, Cranberry Almond, Peanut Butter Crunch, and Zesty Lemon Lime.

Start a 2 week program with 24 FullBars for just $49.99 plus shipping and handling. Or get a 1 month supply with 48 bars for $89.99 and save 10%.

There is also a buy 2 month get 1 month free offer where you can get a total of 144 bars for just$176.99 plus shipping and handling.

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