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Forever Comfy

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PRICE: $19.95

Product Information:

  • Combination cushion for the ultimate support and superior comfort
  • Stops back aches and sores bottoms from sitting too long
  • Combination of high density foam and therapeutic gel inside
  • Provides supple layer of support between you and your seat
  • Works great on almost any seat and also car seats
  • Lightweight, portable, and washable
  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer*

Customer Service:

  • 1-866-304-4271, M-F 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM EST

Item Description

The Forever Comfy is a combination cushion that provides support for your back and behind. You can sit longer periods of time and not have to worry about your back aching and your bottom sore.

Inside is  two layers of high density foam with a special layer of therapeutic gel in between. This combination helps distribute your weight evenly and reduces pressure. It delivers support so you can sit as long as you like without causing back pain and aches.

The Forever Comfy will provide an extra layer of support between you and any chair to make it more comfortable. It makes any hard, poorly cushioned surface into a cushioned and comfortable one.

You can use the Forever Comfy at the office, at home, when using the computer, when driving, for your patio furniture, or on hard and uncomfortable bleachers. It is extremely lightweight and portable so you can easily take it with you.

Whether it is for long commutes, working all day sitting at the office, or spending a lot time on the computer, the Forever Comfy is soothing for those who spend most or all of the day sitting down.

A single Forever Comfy sells for $19.95 plus shipping and handling but right now you can take advantage of a buy 1 get 1 free offer and receive a second Forever Comfy. You just have to pay the extra shipping of the free cushion. Use one at home and one for the car or one at home and one at work.

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