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Esio Beverage System

PRICE: 6 payments of $49.95

Product Information:

  • Most innovative home beverage dispenser
  • Makes coffees, sport drinks, teas, lemonade, cranberry juice and more
  • All drinks have only 5 calories or less
  • Unique patented technology with Esio-pak beverage packs
  • Each Esio-pak dispenses 14-18 servings of the beverage of your choice
  • Available in bottle-less unit or bottle-fed unit
  • Comes in white or black

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Item Description

Now you can make different types of delicious low-cal drinks for your entire family whenever you want with the Esio Beverage System. It is the most innovative home beverage dispenser on the market today.

You no longer have to buy the sugar filled drinks from the market. Esio lets you make coffees, sport drinks, teas, lemonade, cranberry juice and more. All them have only 5 calories or less. In addition, it is also a water filter and provides you with unlimited purified water as well.

The Esio Beverage System is unique because of the patented technology used in the system that works with the special pump on each beverage package called an Esio-pak. The Esio Beverage System allows you to select the strength and choice of your hot or cold beverage. Each Esio-pak dispenses 14-18 servings of the beverage of your choice.

Using the Esio is easy. First you just drop in either a coffee, sports drinks, juice or tea Esio-Pack. Next you select your strength and press either hot or cold water. Afterwards it is ready to fill up any size cup or glass in seconds.

Esio comes in two different models. There is a bottle-less unit that connects to your home’s water supply or filtration system. The other is a bottle-fed system that works with a 3 or 5 gallon bottle of water. Plus they are both available in either white or black.

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