PRICE: $297.00

Product Information:

  • EdenPure Model 500 – heats up to 300 square feet
  • Heats up an entire room in just minutes
  • Out-performs common electric coil heaters
  • Doesn’t reduce oxygen or dry out the air
  • Evenly distrubutes moist, soft heat, floor to ceiling and wall to wall
  • Safe to touch – is never a fire hazard
  • Save money on your heating bills
  • Average homeowner saves 10% to 25% monthly
  • Free Shipping
  • EdenPure Model 1000 (heats up to 1,000 square feet) also available for $397

Customer Service:

  • 1-800-214-6906, custserv@edenpure.com

Item Description

The EdenPure Gen3 infrared heater is one of the fastest, safest, and most efficient portable heaters available. It uses quart infrared heating technology to warm a room in just minutes.

With the EdenPure you won’t get a stuffy room since it doesn’t reduce oxygen or dry out the air. The unit is safe to touch, stays cool and is never a fire hazard like regular heaters.

It can greatly outperform common electrical coil heathers. EdenPure distributes moist, soft heat evenly across the entire room from the floor to the ceiling.

The EdenPure Gen3 uses a 3 step process to effectively heat up a room:

  1. Electricity drives a powerful quartz infrared lamp.
  2. The quartz infrared lamp gently warms the patented cured copper tubes.
  3. Heat from the copper tubing rides the humidity in the room and provides moist, soft heat, ceiling-to-floor, wall-to-wall and without reducing oxygen or humidity.

This amazing portable heather is also very energy efficient. The average homeowner saves 10% to 25% monthly off their energy bills with the EdenPure. It can pay for itself in a matter of just weeks.

The EdenPure Model 500 heats up to 300 square feet and is normally $372. But right now you can purchase it for just $297 and even get free shipping and handling.

If have a large room then get the EdenPure Model 1000 which can heat up to 1,000 square feet. It is normally $472 but now it is only $397 and also comes with free shipping.

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