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PRICE: Free Sample, $3.95 S&H

Product Information:

  • Built-in FlexBand technology that stretches to perfectly fit and seal
  • Fits any shape dish, bowl, plate or container to keep food fresh
  • Easy to uncover and recover
  • Microwavable for splatter-free reheating
  • Reusable and dishwasher safe
  • Made in the USA
  • Free Sample Pack comes with 4 CoverMate Reusable Covers
  • Plus get a CoverMate $1.00 off retail coupon

Customer Service:

  • 1-877-363-6762

Item Description

CoverMate are the microwavable and reusable food covers that stretches to fit any shape dish, bowl, plate or container. It forms a perfect fit and seal in order to help keep your food fresh.

All you have to do is stretch a CoverMate cover over the dish and let it snap into place securely. With the built-in FlexBand technology, uncovering and re-covering is a breeze.

The covers are made from clear material so it is easy to see the contents inside. Plus they have tiny corner vents that allow steam to escape when used in a microwave for splatter-free reheating.

Take advantage of this special offer and get a Free Sample Pack of 4 CoverMate Reusable Covers, you just have to pay $3.95 to cover shipping and handling.

You’ll get one of each size:

  • Small Size Reusable Cover – fits 2″ to 5”, perfect for covering open cans of food, soft drinks and even pet food
  • Medium Size Reusable Cover – fits 4” to 9” plates, bowls and food containers
  • Large Size Reusable Cove – fits 9” to 14” dinner plates, serving bowls and casserole dishes
  • Extra Large Size Reusable Cover – fits 14” to 19” serving trays and platters
  • Plus CoverMate $1.00 off retail coupon

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