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Colon Health Check

PRICE: $34.95

Product Information:

  • Over 98% accurate
  • FDA-cleared test for home screening
  • Early screening test for colorectal cancer
  • No special prep
  • No restrictive diets
  • Simple to use
  • Results in just 5 minutes

Customer Service:

  • 1-888-239-6973

Item Description

With Colon Health Check you screen for colon cancer in the privacy of your own home. You perform the test yourself, there are no doctors and no nurses.

Colon Health Check is an FDA-cleared colon cancer screening test that provides over 98% accuracy. It is easy to use and ready in just 5 minutes.

With 150,000 Americans being diagnosed with colorectal cancer this year, screening is very important. Early detection is your best chance for surviving colon cancer. Colon Health Check is the on simple test that can help save your life.

You can order the Colon Health Check kit for just $34.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling.

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