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Cleavage Clip

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PRICE: $10.00

Product Information:

  • Improves your posture
  • Eliminates falling bra straps
  • Lifts and supports sagging breasts
  • Stops bra straps from cutting into your shoulders
  • Revives old stretched out bras
  • Clips on your bikini top, for a shapely, sexier look
  • Is perfect for racer backs and tank tops
  • Say good-bye to sports bras that flatten you
  • Go from flat to fabulous

Customer Service:

  • 1-888-228-2752, 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM CST

Item Description

Go from flat to fabulous with the Cleavage Clip. You can have the appearance of a sexy and fuller bust in just seconds.

The Cleavage Clip is designed to immediately lift without having to use padding and enhancers. Simply clip the Cleavage Clip to the back of your bra strap.

It is like adding a full cup size instantly. You can use it on your bikini top for a shapely and sexier look. Say goodbye to sports bras that flatten you.

Using the Cleavage Clip also helps improve your posture and stops your bra straps from cutting into your shoulders.

Right now with this special double offer, you can get a total set of 6 Cleavage Clips for $10 plus shipping and handling. You get 2 in black, 2 in white, and 2 in nude.

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